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January 30, 2009 03:16 PM EST

County corruption, Republican Party

August 4, 2008

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By Jason Werner

The Chairman of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County is, of course, calling for the
resignation of two innocent men.

Yes, I said innocent.

Before you castigate me, allow me to make it clear that I know the Demoncrats whose
homes were raided last Monday are already guilty just for being Demoncrats, but truly
they are innocent (not merely “not guilty,” but innocent) until proven guilty. Don’t forget
these guys need to be found guilty by our corrupt American courts.

Interesting regarding Chairman Rob Frost, he is a former city councilman of Rocky
River, the same ward where Jim Petro was once councilman. Rob Frost coincidentally
resigned after a scandal involving Rocky River Mayor William F. Knoble – funny, I
campaigned with Mayor Knoble and celebrated at his house when he defeated Fred
Sokol in his last election. Rob Frost now lives in Lakewood.

That former city councilman eventually became a county commissioner. This county
commissioner, Jim Petro, was also Ohio Attorney General. As Attorney General, Jim
Petro, in my opinion, failed to do anything about the scandal of his fellow Republican,
Governor Bob Taft. Jim Petro was proudly endorsed by Chairman Rob Frost and the
RPCC when he ran for governor. Ken Blackwell was eventually nominated to be the
Republican candidate for governor. Rob Frost should know a few things about
scandals although I’m not saying he specifically did anything.

Did Rob Frost call for the resignation of Westlake’s Republican Mayor Dennis Clough
when he was investigated during his own mayor’s investigation? Dennis Clough is still
mayor. Speaking of Westlake and Dennis Clough, I’m a member at Westlake
Recreation Center. Something is definitely going down in that city. A janitor told me he
campaigned for Dennis Clough in his most recent election (this janitor lives in Olmsted
Falls). I asked him why he campaigned for the mayor. He couldn’t even lie to me. He
told me to ask around. I did. Not only is Westlake flooded with this kind of garbage, but it
is all over.

And this is also the same Rob Frost who practices law. Innocent until proven guilty, Mr.
Frost? By the way, he also served as Assistant Chief Legal Counsel to a former Ohio
State Auditor, a man named Jim Petro.

Look, I’m one to talk. Right now, it’s the state of Ohio v. Jason Werner for preaching the
gospel in downtown Cleveland. I was handcuffed and thrown (literally) into the back of a
police cruiser, therefore I must have been extremely guilty. Remember, Jimmy Dimora
and Frank Russo weren’t even handcuffed. Let’s at least let the guys be charged with
something first. By the way, my representation pleaded not guilty July 25th.

Just because some people had their homes raided doesn’t mean they should resign
their public office. They’d be saying they’re guilty right there on the spot if they did that. If
these public officials want any chance at all, then they should at least hold their ground.
The Bible says the righteous are bold as a lion and the wicked flee when no man

Also, Rob Frost is working to get a fellow Tim Hagan- and Jimmy Dimora-communist
elected this November, Bay Village Mayor Debbie Sutherland to be a county
commissioner. His clan of liberal Republicans are trying to take out Peter Lawson
Jones. Please allow me to remind folks this is the same Rob Frost who ignored the
issue of the sales tax increase against our consent in 2007. An “ignore” is the same
thing as a “support” in my book regarding that Declaration of Independence issue. And
Debbie Sutherland, you know what, I won’t even say anything in this article about her;
Just watch this video: http://video.clevelandmedicalmart.com/deborah/

Of course Rob Frost is going to call for the resignation of Jimmy Dimora. He knows he
and his liberal Republican friends have not been able to represent because they have
not been able to win an election.

The voters already know they cannot trust Demoncrats. They’ve known that for years.
Problem is, when they did something about it by voting for Republicans, they got nailed
on that side as well.

Allow me to throw this perspective out there with my typical basketball comparison. In a
pick-up game of basketball, if there’s an iffy call (because we call our own fouls in our
self-governed games of pick-up 5-on-5), one of the players will jump in and say, “Alright,
shoot for it,” which means that if you make the shot, then it’s your team’s ball, but if you
miss the shot, the ball goes to the other squad. I like to use this comparison in the silly
game of litigation as well. Most calls are obvious, but when someone is desperate and
the game is on the line, then you can make a questionable call turn into, “Ok, shoot for
it.” With that being said, Rob Frost knows he cannot beat the Demoncrats, so he’s
saying, “I got fouled; it’s our rock; give us the ball.” And now it’s time for someone on the
other squad (this would be the Demoncrats) to say, “Yo, no, we’re not having this. That
was a questionable call. Shoot for it.” At this point, Rob Frost can think he has a better
chance to sneak one of his own scammers into the mix, which chance he would not be
able to have in an ordinary election because everyone already knew his Republicans
did not have credibility in the first place. We’ve all heard him call for the ball due to a foul
when it was barely even questionable.

Rob Frost didn’t call for Jason Werner’s resignation as a preacher of God’s holy word
even though it may have looked like I was guilty. I think one of the reasons he didn’t is
because he already beat me in two elections (2006 with Mike Dovilla and 2008 with Jim
Trakas) or he just doesn’t care about free speech or non-free speech, so he’s not
feeling the heat too much. But the big Demoncrats reveal even more of his weakness.

Yeah, Mr. Dimora and Mr. Russo are guilty by default, I argue, because they are
Demoncrats. And yes, I also believe they were and still technically are guilty for the way
they do business. But it’s no different than the way Rob Frost leads his party, as they
endorse people not much different than the ones in office now.

Finally, this Rob Frost is the same person on the Board of the Cuyahoga County Board
of Elections. Does it concern anyone that a board member is calling for the resignation
of an elected official? I think Rob Frost should step down as a board member of the
County Board of Elections. As for Chairman of the RPCC, who am I to talk; I’m not on
the central or executive committee and I’m 0-2 against his team. Plus, since I’m not
working with the Rs anymore, I don’t want to get in the way of the collapse of the
Republican Party. I’ll just let John McCain run his new liberal party into the ground.

Ultimately though, some people are trying to make Rob Frost look good. If he calls for
their resignation and they do resign (obviously not because of Rob Frost’s
recommendation), which they might resign anyway, then Rob Frost will look that much
more powerful.

Listen, Rob Frost and I have our differences. We’ve had some conversations over
coffee. I have a heart for him to live for Jesus. I hope all involved in this county situation
would seek Jesus because this life on earth is only a vapor compared to eternity.

“Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away;
behold, all things are become new.” 2Corinthians 5:17

Copyright © by Werner Watch 2009
All Right Reserved.

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