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January 31, 2009 01:04 PM EST

Churches that tolerate homosexuality in Cleveland

January 7, 2008

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By Jason Werner

CLEVELAND, OH – Homosexuality was once a crime, but has now been accepted by various cities and even states throughout America.

But why?

This report evinces that the alleged Christian community, known as churches, has tolerated the anti-family and hate-filled agenda of the abomination of homosexuality. Many people constantly beg me to call my “Christian friends” to get involved in various moral issues, but I often contend that those alleged Christians are not real – in fact, they’re supporting the sin. This report is further proof in black and white. I stand behind it.

America, and especially professing Christians, has tolerated sins such as various forms of birth control, lust of the flesh, dirty dancing, prostitution, communism, and much more. The Church, the men and women of Jesus Christ, must first be blamed for allowing sins, homelessness, welfare, a Federal Reserve system, department of education (daycare), corrupt prosecutors, child/spousal support (residual income for prostitution), sex and bribes in judges chambers, divorce, and the list goes on and on. Repent means to turn from sin.

An abominable law was passed by the city of Cleveland December 8, 2008 for a domestic-partner registry. An initiative to hopefully and eventually overturn the disgusting law began shortly thereafter; whereby a large amount of signatures of Cleveland registered voters were required within one month of the law’s passage. I learned about the petition about a week before I thought of concocting this report to expose churches.

Many try to argue that we should merely obey government. Problem is, God has opened doors in America for this government to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. The phony Christians have done a good job of neglecting their true duty to be a leader in government because they’re truly weak.


“This is not something we’d do church-wide … we’re not even in Cleveland.” – Parkside (Note: 4,000 to 5,000 attendees any given Sunday)

Many try to argue that the gospel should be preached and let the Holy Spirit in control of convicting hearts. It’s this simple; Jesus Christ specifically spoke against specific sins. The Apostle Paul, John, James, Peter all spoke against specific sins. And they all made it very lucid that all Christians should condemn, speak against and stand against specific sins including homosexuality.

Don’t judge. Don’t offend people. Live your own life. Don’t push your religion. Don’t force. The homosexuals deserve rights. These are all lame excuses. In other words, people are trying to condone abomination.


Among the List of Shame


Ohio Christian Alliance


Northeast Ohio Values Voters


Campus Life, Youth For Christ

12/28/2008 …


12/27/2008 …

Church on the Rise


Mega Church


Word Church

Vacation, see inside

Gospel House Evangelical

12/27/2008, 12/30/08

North Olmsted Evangelical Friends

12/29/2008, 1/3/09

All of the leaders or administrative staff whom refused to return a simple phone call is guilty of ignoring the kind act of love for Clevelanders. The holidays are a sorry excuse. Being busy is a sorry excuse. Ultimately, phone calls were not returned because it’s as simple as; the respondent did not care to be involved in a loving action for Cleveland.

A Cleveland resident, Douglas Long, and I made phone calls to “churches” listed (not all) in the AT&T The Real Yellow Pages. Messages were then delivered through voicemail or an assistant.

An example of a message for voice mail:

“Good morning. My name is __________ and my cell phone number is ___________. I’m working on a petition to overturn an abominable law, which law was a big victory for the homosexual agenda, whereby the residents can have a domestic-partner registry. We need about 20,000 signatures before January 5th. I’d really like you to get involved to stand for righteousness. Again, this is _______ and my number is ___________. Thank you.”

The boxes to the left indicate the name of the church and the date of our message.

If a person cannot return a phone call to another person, whom they can physically hear, how can they truly serve a God who they cannot physically hear.

Homosexuals are often referred to as sissies; however I assert that the real sissies are the ones hiding behind four walls in buildings listening to sissy preaching that tickles their ears because they are too weak to go to the streets to love the lost. Christ did not come for the righteous, as he said and says in His word; He came for sinners like me and for sinners like the homosexuals who need Him.

Everyone involved, in any way, with the churches who ignored or blatantly refused to act on this abominable law are cursed. The leaders of these phonies have much wrath and judgment on them according to Jesus Christ’s own words. The leaders are world-class hypocrites.

Serving government rather than serving God, they’ve made the 501(c)3 excuse a weapon against themselves and love for others.

Maybe the Republican Party or the Democrat Party care enough to work on this? Nope.

Some of the text of the domestic-partner registry:

  “Whereas, many unmarried residents of

Cleveland have formed lasting, committed, caring, and faithful relationships with a person of the same sex or different sex; these couples live together, serve and participate together in the community and rear children and care for family members
together; and …”

In other words, the churches in this report that ignored love for homosexuals have turned true marriage into a mockery. By tolerating heathens’ desire to govern them, they’ve essentially supported the sin of any kind of fornication and homosexuality.

Water always travels through the path of least resistance, which is also the case of sin. In this case, the haters of Jesus Christ have traveled through the path of Cleveland and its alleged moral community known as churches.

I apologize to the homosexuals for the Church ignoring them.  We are part of the reason why the sodomites are stuck in the bondage of homosexuality.  The Church fails to love the proper way.

There have been times I have tried to “tolerate” the egregious sin of homosexuality by simply ignoring it to not offend someone. Ignoring a problem does not make it better. The problem needs to be addressed.

In no way do I endorse the churches/organizations that did reach out to the homosexuals in a loving way. This is a report merely about churches that did and did not support the homosexual agenda through avoiding a petition or helping in a petition drive.

I encourage you to make this exposition available to friends you know whom may be trapped in these cursed synagogues of Satan. The truth is here.

One could make a strong argument that I should have spent the 20-hours-plus or whatever it was that I spent working on this report, getting petitions signed instead of exposing churches. Truly, that’s a fair argument, but I really doubt the extra signatures I obtained would have had the effect of this report.

About Jason Werner

Raised atheist, I gave my life to God in May 2000 because I realized that Jesus is real – not a religious figure; He is our Creator; He was crucified for the sins of the world; and was found alive after He was dead – His love is more fulfilling than the way I previously lived my life.

We were all born with sin. The Bible says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 6:23

My friend: God loves you. He wants a relationship with you. Ask God to give you a new life, to show you His true love, to open your eyes to the truth, and to give you strength to live righteously.

To help in the sponsorship or investment in mass production and distribution of hard copies of this newsletter, please call or email me.  For example, $100 would pay for about 200 copies to be sent regular U.S. mail.  $50 would pay for about 100 copies.  $2,000 would pay for about 5,000 copies of this newsletter.  Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.

To receive one hard copy of this four-page newsletter, please send me at least two dollars and your address.

Thanks so much,


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All Right Reserved.

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